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General : Blade & Soul: Full G-Star '09 Trailer

Not satisfied with the epic nine minute length of their "Vision" trailer for Aion, Blade & Soul's reveal trailer clocks in at a full 11 minutes in length and shows off the game in all its glory.
The trailer reveals four new classes, the Destroyer, the Force Master, the Blade Master, and the Kung Fu Master, as well as four new races, the Gon, the Jin, the Kun, and the Lyn.
Blade & Soul features the art style and direction of legendary Korean artist Hyung-tae Kim, who is known to most gamers for his work on the beautiful Magna Carta RPG series. Kim's style is described as a "stylized exaggeration of a character's body" in a recent interview with the artist at IGN, and this is clearly visible in the Blade & Soul trailer revealed today.
Blade & Soul will feature fast action gameplay, more akin to a fighting game than your typical sandwich combat found in many traditional MMOG's, and will even include elements of platforming.
The game is being designed on Unreal Engine 3, and currently has no set release date, though 2011 is a possibility. An NA/EU localization has not yet been announced

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