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General : A Look at Dragon Age


MMORPG.com's Dana Massey traveled all the way up to Bioware's offices in Edmonton to take a look at their upcoming RPG, Dragon Age. While not an MMO itself, as a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, it certainly holds interest for MMO fans.

When Bioware invited MMORPG.com out to Edmonton to see Dragon Age, our first question was "why?" Dragon Age is not an MMO, it doesn't pretend to be an MMO, and there is absolutely nothing online about it. So what brought us there? According to Bioware, they wanted to show it to a wider audience and thought that specifically MMO players would find it to be a complimentary experience. Fair enough.

"Dragon Age has strengths where World of Warcraft has weaknesses," noted Executive Producer Mark Darrah, and "World of Warcraft has strengths where Dragon Age has weaknesses."


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