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Flyff : Act V: Cursed Paradise Announced


Full press release available below:

The journey continues as the free MMORPG Flyff: Fly for fun announces its next expansion – Act V: Cursed Paradise

A new continent and two brand new dungeon instances packed with powerful monsters await adventures in Madrigal

DUBLIN, Ireland – September 8th, 2009 – Gala Networks Europe is proud to announce that the brand new expansion – Act V: Cursed Paradise – is coming to the European versions of Flyff in November. It will be available on French and German versions, and the expansion adds a diverse range of new content including a brand new continent to explore, and two new team-instance dungeons.

The newly discovered lost continent of Harmonin is packed with ancient mysteries to uncover. Set on a tropical island filled with lakes and jungles, Harmonin has many new difficult tasks for players to complete. Fight against high level monsters on your own or team up with some friends to enter either of the dangerous dungeons as a team instance.

Hidden deep in the heart of the rainforest, the two dungeons await those who feel they are capable and brave enough to handle them. Players who can survive the trials that await them will be rewarded greatly. But beware! Many have perished in the attempt to retrieve the precious treasures hidden deep inside them.

In addition to the brand new content, Flyff Act V: Cursed Paradise sees the introduction of a revised attribute system, a revised upgrade system and many other new features. As with all gPotato.eu games, expansions for Flyff are free! Simply log into the game and it will automatically download the new area and you can start playing straight away!

If you don’t already play Flyff and want to join the action, the game has been available in French and German for over two years. In this time, it has built a strong, growing community of over 850,000 players. To join the aventures around the land and skies of Madrigal, simply download the game from the official European website at http://flyff.gpotato.eu, register with gPotato.eu and use your website logins to start playing. It’s that simple!

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