Final Fantasy XI has a clan-do attitude
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Final Fantasy XI has a clan-do attitude

  While we heard about Final Fantasy XIV's subraces -- called "clans" -- a week ago from Japanese fansites, today SquareEnix has released the details on their North American site. Each race has two clans, which totals 10 unique sell FFXI Gil selections by the time all is said and done.
  Fans familiar with Final Fantasy XI's races will be pleasantly surprised by the variety offered here. The elfin Elezen are now divided into the Wildwood (forest archers) and Duskwight (grubby cave-dwellers) clans. If cutsie dolls are more to your liking, then the Lalafell are up for the job, split between the down-to-earth Plainsfolk or the darker Dunesfolk. The hulking Roegadyn are partial to extreme climates of bitter oceans and volcanic fury, which has resulted in the Sea Wolves and Hellsguard, respectively. Of course, every MMO must offer a traditional human race, which in FFXIV falls to the Hyur, who either identify as the educated Midlanders or the beefy Highlanders. Finally, the cat-like Miqo'te will choose to be either one of the Keepers of the Sun or the Seekers of the Moon.

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