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Do you want to play FF11 better?

  Do you ever hear about FFXI Gil? It is one kind of all gold. I have played FF11 for a long time. It is really an interesting game. If you have some interest sell Final Fantasy XI Gil in this game, I can tell you something to play this game well.
In the game, there are many vocations. You can choose any one you like. You will earn Cheap ffxi gil when you do these jobs. I do one job as change materials. This is the most popular job in the game. And this job is suitable for all new players. If you are a new one, you can choose this job. And it will not take you much time.
You just spend two hours do this thing. You should not have more skills to do it. After this you can Buy FFXI Gil in the game. This is good money to you. You must keep more and more. If you have more gold, you can buy some weapons and magic books. All of these things are very useful. You must buy some. 

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