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Leveling from 1-13 is most easily done by soloing. Simply walk out of your starter town and starting killing! Make sure to /check most mobs before attacking, because in sell FFXI Gil even though it may look exactly like the mob you just killed, it is possible that this mob may be much harder to beat! When checking a mob the following messages are possible:

Too Weak if a mob appears too weak to your character, it will not give you experience points after you kill it. This is fine if you're farming for the items it may drop, but if you are trying for experience points only you may wish to bypass these mobs entirely.

Easy Prey Easy prey is mobs that will give you some experience points, although may not be worth killing too often up to level 9 or 10. In later levels on many jobs you will be lucky to solo an easy prey mob without dying!

Even Match If you are looking for a challenge when you first start leveling, even match will provide it. They are soloable, but offer a bit of a challenge.

Tough If you want a bit of a gamble, try a tough mob in these levels! They are soloable, but a challenge for sure. I would recommend concentrating on lower difficulty mobs than tough however, because these mobs may not offer the best experience points per hour as they take longer to kill.

Incredibly Tough If you are soloing and see a mob that checks incredibly tough, turn around and find something easier. It will likely send you crying back to your home point after a couple of hits.


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