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FFXI Gil Beginner Clamming Guide


To enter Bibiki Bay you need to go to Buburimu Peninsula in ffxi gil. Go to Khoonia Dunes at G-10 there is a path find that and go trough it to second beach after that find F-10 where there is a cave zone to Bibiki Bay. If you do not have a map of Bibiki Bay you can buy one in Mhaura from map vendor Ludwig at H-9.

Now when you are in Bibiki Bay go to Sunset Dock at H-7. There you will find a mithra at the dock who sells Manaclipper tickets. One costs 80 sell FFXI Gil; a multi ticket with 10 uses costs 500 ffxi gil. Now wait for Manaclipper to arrive, it do not necessarily take you to Purgonorgo Isle at first trip but if not you will go there at second trip.

On Manaclipper there are different mobs. Most will not agro but be careful if you fish, you may catch a NM level 75 called Harajnite or Cyclopean Conch, these mobs have bad area of effect gas and can kill a level 51 player easy without Poisona.

Ok now to the fun part, we are now in Purgonorgo Isle a pretty Hawaii-like place with a pretty beach, sand, water and some black mandys.

When you arrive talk to the Mithra Toh Zonikki at position H-7 she will offer you a clamming kit for 500 ffxi gil but just a loan.

Now follow the beach a little bit from NPC and find a clamming point, you click on it and dig for an item. Every item has a weight, if you put too many items in the bucket it will break and the items will be lost. Weight is measured in so-called Ponzes.


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