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FFXI: Food Duration


All food creates effects that last for a specific duration. The duration of the food effect is determined by the quality of the crafted food, and how to sell Final Fantasy XI Gil or how many items fit in a stack for that food, if any. When a food effect wears off, all bonuses provided from the food are immediately removed. The durations for food can be:

3 Minutes - Snack Food items give effects with a 3 minute duration, for the Normal Quality crafted versions. These Snack Foods all stack to 99.

5 Minutes - The High Quality version of Snack Food which stacks to 99 have effects that last for 5 minutes. All effects from raw food are also 5 minutes in length, including those from raw fish, meat, and vegetables.

30 Minutes - Normal Quality crafted food that stacks to 12 have effects that last for 30 minutes. The majority of the food in the game is of this type.

60 Minutes - High Quality crafted food that stacks to 12 have effects that last for 60 minutes.

3 Hours - All non-stackable crafted Normal Quality food have effects that last for 180 minutes, or 3 hours.

4 Hours - All non-stackable crafted High Quality food have effects that last for 240 minutes, or 4 hours.

A standard approach to using food in a pickup experience party is to keep a stack of 30 minute food to use when the party first starts. If you wish to use a more powerful non-stackable food that lasts for 3 or 4 hours, switch to that after the 30 minute food wears off, if the party looks like it will be going for many more hours.

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