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Class Guidings on WoW Rogues


Here is the best online service for you to buy the cheapest wow gold. As you can see you are a level 80 rogues, and you could have the same problem than you guys, but not any more. Your 10 man DPS is around 2,5k and your 25 man DPS is WoW 2,9k, depending on you not screwing up your rotation and the fighting style of the boss. Your build is 51 poins Ass, Sub till Sereded Blades and a little in combat.

You could get 2 pieces of T7 one 10 and other 25 man. You could solve your problems DPSing by using the addon recount. Therefore you may watch the grafics of your moves and realized that most of your DPS was coming from your regular auto-attacks, and most of then were missing, so what you did was to get your hit rating to 330, and up your AP as well and you could do with your problems. By the way, you can sell World Of Warcraft Gold.

You could make your build, so you could get the most of your ability and the rupture, you could use evicerate to refresh you, not mattering how many combo points you have at the time, trying to refresh at the last time possible. Hope this could help you more or less.


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