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Enough Damage

Firstly, I am making a short movie without a single duel, because for the first time ever, I believe at equal gear/skill, a prep/COS rogue has enough tools to defeat every single class in the game about wow gold, and we are talking about best geared/skilled/specced players. Over the next a few weeks I will look harder for perhaps a top paladin or earth shield shaman that can put up a serious fight, but honestly, 2.0 is as strong as rogue will ever get in this game. We are the best 1v1 class in the game right now and we are extremely strong in group PVP as well, thanks to Blizzard giving us our best TBC ability before other classes get theirs wow gold.
  I will enjoy putting every caster on farm status for the moment, sell World Of Warcraft Gold for at level 70 with double the stamina, 200 resilience, and their own TBC abilities like prayer of mending or ice lance, rogues may very well be eaten alive by casters, again. The main point of this video is to dispel a very common misunderstanding of 41 subtleties to get wow gold. "There is not enough damage!" You see, in 2.0, every single class improved their damage by a significant margin. Survivability is king, damage is the last thing you worry about wow gold, and subtlety past 25 points is nothing but DPS talents. My gear was best in the game one year ago, but I gained maybe three side grades since then.

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