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10-men Trial of the Crusader Normal Mode

 3.2 are here and I thought I could get some easy PVE loot. Joined a guild group with a few alts cheap wow gold, 10-men Trial of the Crusader NORMAL MODE, 2 hours later we still could not get through phase 2. I have only done the first boss in Uldular and my PVE gear is almost non-existent cheap wow gold, still did not expect sell WOW Gold this hard of a normal mode as my guild did clear most of Uldular 25 on hard mode, even if the alt group is somewhat under geared (including myself).
  This definitely is not Naxx 10-men anymore; going through three bosses back-to-back in one shot is no joke to get cheap wow gold. And looking at the loot table, thanks to the resilience buff, you really can not get any real PVP upgrades unless you do the heroic 10-men or 25-men about cheap wow gold. I have to say it has been a very long time since I experienced the joy of wiping on a boss over and over and each time we would make some more progress, it is actually fun and challenging from a casual perspective to get cheap wow gold. It is too bad with my daughter (potentially) delivered this weekend and two jobs, I doubt I will ever have time to raid again.

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