Drinking Moderate Beer Can Release the Happy Sell Runescape Gold Dopamine
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Drinking Moderate Beer Can Release the Happy Sell Runescape Gold Dopamine


The beer is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts, and a variety of Sell Runescape Gold trace elements and other nutrients, which was known as "liquid bread". If people drink it moderately, it has the effect to increase appetite, promote digestion and. But in recent years, the medical studies found that if people drink the beer for a long time, the body will be damaged. The experts call it "beer disease.

In alcoholic beverages, beer's alcohol content is little. One liter of beer alcohol content is equivalent to more than twelve liquor alcohol content; so many people regard the beer as a refreshing beverage. But if people uncontrolled drinking, accumulated alcohol will damage the liver function and increase the burden on the kidneys, myocardial tissue will also has infiltration of fat cells to reduce the myocardial function, and cause tachycardia. In addition, excess liquid will increase amount of blood circulation to increase the burden on the heart, which results in cardiac hypertrophy.

Brewing raw materials of beer contains lead. after drinking a lot, the content of the blood and lead levels will increase, which make people’s metal decline and unresponsive, severe damage to the reproductive system; elderly prone to cause Alzheimer's disease.

Some people think that love to drink because of alcohol addiction. British "Daily Mail" published the latest research shows that: beer addiction may have no relationship with alcohol; because of the taste of the beer itself can make people happy and addictive.

According to the report, the Indiana University neuroscientist invited 49 adult men drink beer and sports drink Gatorade separately, and scan their brain dopamine instruments. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which is vividly called the "happy factor". In order to exclude the alcohol factors, subjects can only drink 15 ml every 15 minutes or a tablespoon beer. The results showed that people who drink beer brain release dopamine significantly higher than another group of people. This kind of people also has the desire to drink the beer. This study proves beverage flavor can affect the brain. The study also suggested that drinking a cup of about 120 ml of beer a day is more appropriate, and more than 3 cups will increase the risk of liver damage, osteoporosis and other diseases.


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