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Blizzard Adjust Monster Density of Several Areas Again And Sell WOW Gold Again


Recently, among the several PTR patch, Blizzard adjust monster density of several areas again and Sell WOW Gold again. According to the Community Manager said, this is a test which was done by the developers, and the goal is to know what is the really changes for players.

From the point of view of the feedback, the players prefer the monster density of PTR testing earlier versions. It is likely that they want to achieve in the 1.08 patch.

I would like to remind everyone PTR is a test environment, so we will go on a lot of testing on the PTR. PTR server test should not be considered a virtual certainty, so please do not according to the conclusions of the changes listed in the PTR patch notes. We often make changes on the PTR, which belongs to the natural iteration in the development process.

If you see the contents which you do not like on the PTR patch list, and the best way is to visit the PTR server to experience something personally, and then landed Forum to submit your feedback to us and tell us why you like or do not like some of the changes.

Recently, people see the monster density adjustment on the PTR server, and they have experienced a large number of iterations, and we also do a lot of tests. Developers are not entirely clear to players like the monster large crowd gathered together, still prefer the relative dispersion monster but the overall density, so developers have tried different ways on the PTR want to see what happens in the end.

From the received feedback received, it is clear that players prefer our early PTR testing phase monster density and scale of monsters, so it is likely to be in the 1.08 patch want to achieve.

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