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A French computer Sell Dofus Kamas game manufacturer.

Dofus is a Flash based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Ankama Games, a French computer Sell Dofus Kamas game manufacturer. During the beta, while the game was still in development the game was Free-to-Play (f2p). It is now primarily a Pay to Play, but it still also offers a limited amount of free content. Dofus is set in the world of Amakna (which is Ankama spelled backwards). Its success has led to the marketing of spin-off products, like books, art and comics.With the development of two continuations: Dofus Arena, released at the beginning of 2006, is an alternative "tournament" version of Dofus; and Wakfu which is currently in the process of beta testing. As the Dofus community continued to grow, new areas and add-ons are added. The developers continually add new content as well as balance items/classes.In the dofus game have Dofus Aermyne Kamas, Dofus Agride Kamas, Dofus Aguabrial Kamas, Dofus Allister Kamas, Dofus Alma kamas and so on.

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