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Zu Online : Moonmaiden Guide


In Zu Online, the Moonmaidens are regarded as secret killers because they are good at becoming invisible to confine their opponents. However, in contrast to other clans, the Moonmaidens have low health and defense. Therefore, it is quite difficult to level up a Moonmaiden. Nevertheless, you are still able to spend talent points to leveling Moonmaidens fast. On the Moonmaiden’s talent tree, the “Hoop” branch mainly improves their trap spells, which is very helpful for PvP fights but not very helpful for leveling up fast. The “Nirvana” branch has no proper talents for leveling fast either. So, we have to spend the most talent points on the “Health” branch. The talents on the “Health” branch are able to raise Moonmaiden’s maximum health and defense, and accelerate damage dealt.

First Row: Spend 10 talent points on “Disabling Moonblades” until it increases the Garrote chance of Moon Chasing, Double Flaying Moon and Flying Flame Moon spells by 5%. “Luna’s Anger” can be ignored.

Second Row: Spend 10 talent points on the “Disabling Hit” until it increases the Garrote damage bonus by 28.4%. ”Reinforced Phoenix’s Force” is very helpful for fighting BOSSes. But it can be learnt later.

Third Row: Spend 1 point on the “Shapeshift: Fish” which is very helpful for fighting BOSSes and survival. After that, spend 9 talent points on “Improved Parry” so that it increases your parry chance by 9%. Note that you should only spend 9 points on “Improved Parry” now because we need save talent points to spend on more important talents.

Fourth Row: Spend 5 points on “Vitality” to increase maximum health by 5%. Then, spend 5 points on “Find Weakness” to increase the Garrote chance by 9.1%. After that, spend 1 point to learn the “Moonfire” spell which can temporarily increase movement speed, attack power and defense.

Fifth Row: Spend 9 talent points on “Improved Moonfire”. The Moonfire spell is more helpful than the Phoenix’s Force spell especially when fighting BOSSes.

Sixth Row: Spend 1 point on the “Water Spirit Dragon” to learn this Shapeshifting spell which is better than the “Shapeshift: Fish”. Then, spend 10 points on “Strong Body” to increase your defense by 10%.

When you have enough talent points to spend on the talents above, you should be around level 210. At this level, you should be a veteran, and with the power you’ve gathered, it’s time to start mastering PvP, if you haven’t already. It’s all up to you.

Remember that you can also get experience by training Stunt Double and/or by simply sitting cross-legged in your guild occupied zones.

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