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You are painful because you pursuit the wrong Sell Flyff Penya things

Yesterday, I read some truth in the magazine, so I want to share Sell Flyff Penya with you. You are painful because you pursuit the wrong things; no one can make you painful, you are just lack of moral cultivation; if you do not give your own troubles, others will never give you trouble; control yourself, do not control other people; do not say a person is pitiful; you should thank people who give you adversity; you should always accept your fate because you are human beings; you ought to forgive others, no matter how bad they are, even if they hurt you, you must lay down so that you can be really happy; the world is painful, there is no exception; you should think happiness is not eternal when you are happy, and similarly, you should think the pain is not eternal when you are painful; as long as you know about yourself, change yourself, you can change others; today's persistence will become tomorrow's regret; you can have love, but you should not be persistent because separation is inevitable; do not waste your life on regretful things; when you are worried, you ought to tell yourself that is fake; if you admit your great, that is to say, you agree your foolish; if you can not forgive a person from heart, you will never feel at ease; if your heart is full of your own ideas and thought, you will never hear others' ideas.

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