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World of Warcraft : Warlock Point Distribution Guide World of Warcraft Correspondent James Thommes writes this guide to Warlock point distribution in Blizzard's hit MMO.

This article will discuss the specs for leveling a warlock for maximum efficiency. While this is a DPS class and there are points of debate based mostly on play style, Demonology is probably your best bet for effective leveling just because of the Felguard. Affliction is a close second, and Destruction is just plain silly. Simply by looking at the nature of the classes at their most advanced level (80), you can see which spec will benefit you the most when leveling by yourself (which is the majority of WoW players). Affliction is passive healing through DPS, much like a shadow priest, and Demonology is the absorption of damage through your pet as you down your enemy like a hunter.


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