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World of Warcraft : Vanity Pets


There are lots of fun changes coming to vanity pet ownership with the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion for Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft. But what exactly are vanity or mini-pets, as I prefer to call them? Well, mini-pets are a variety of small creatures, which exist in World of Warcraft for no useful purpose beyond the fun of owning them. They live quietly in your pack or your bank, demanding nothing from their owners. They have no value in combat. They won’t get you a raid slot. They won’t help your Arena team. Many folks are indifferent to them, but for those who collect these winsome creatures, their appeal is extraordinary.

Most of these pets are cute and the cuteness factor is certainly part of their charm. Still, creatures like cockroaches and oozlings are definitely cuteness challenged, yet are still valued parts of most collectors’ menageries. Rareness of the pet is a large part of its appeal. But perhaps “pet” is the wrong term. Technically, our little friends are named “companions.” So a mini-pet will say Phoenix Hatchling <Debby’s Companion, > while a hunter’s pet can be named by the owner and is labeled “pet”: Fido <Debby’s Pet.>


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