World of Warcraft : Understanding WoW Using Super Mario Bros
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World of Warcraft : Understanding WoW Using Super Mario Bros


In a hilarious article at Cracked, writer Seanbaby attempts to make sense of the World of Warcraft using Super Mario Brothers.

Do note that the article is heavily NSFW, so if you're at work, I would recommend reading this one at home.

Seanbaby on Raids:

When WoW players get together in large groups, it’s called a raid. Because when you have no motor, people or communication skills, the best thing to do is glue yourself to 24 identical morons. Now that you have 25 mouths screaming different curses and 50 feet running in different directions, you have a perfect simulation of every birth defect and psychological disorder known to science, and are ready for a grand adventure.

Here’s where it gets tricky. When you tell 25 people to go to The Caverns of Time, seven of them don’t know what that is, two of them aren’t playing anymore, one fell asleep in his pizza, two have to drive their kids to therapy, one tells you to shut the **** up, four are rebooting their computers, one is getting kicked off by his parents, two are lost foreigners who thought this was the train station, one is pressing enter on the same Chuck Norris joke over and over, two of them tell everyone to go to three different places and one is your girlfriend bitching at you about how much this sucks.

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