World of Warcraft : Tying Up Loose Ends Part Two
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World of Warcraft : Tying Up Loose Ends Part Two

Next, let’s look at in-game tangible items. For everyone, this category is going to be different. These items can include PvP gear, Tiered gear, mounts, pets, trade skill items, etc. If you have more than one toon at level 80, this can even get further complicated as you try to meet your needs for each character. The best way I can describe this process is using my toons as an example.
The Rogue. He’s been my longest played toon and has been with me since the beginning. As far as gear goes, he’s “ok”. What tangible items does he need though to go into Cataclysm? Or more truthfully, what items do I want him to have? The answer to this is simple: mounts. Currently he has 25 mounts, but I am after 50. Many of these will become available as I work on faction (next section of the article), but some is going to cost both faction and gold. Luckily I have the faction already. The main mounts I want for the Rogue though are: Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth (for the vendors), the Red Rake from Wyrmcrest and the Chopper. In the end, since I already have the faction, I just need the gold: a lot of it. I also would like for him to have the Sea Turtle for the prestige factor.

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