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World of Warcraft : ToC Dungeon I - The Beasts of Northrend World of Warcraft Correspondent James Wood writes this handy guide to taking down the first Trials of the Crusader dungeon encounter, The Beasts of Northrend.

The latest raid dungeon, the Trials of the Crusader, breaks the general rule established by every other dungeon: Access to all the bosses in one lockout period. Pick a raid leader who has experienced the most number of Trial bosses or you could be stuck going through only the first encounter and have to wait a week for the second encounter, another week for the third, and so on until you have access to the bosses and the feeling that Blizzard is just trying to extend the lifetime of a patch that doesn't even come close to being as epic as Ulduar.

With my gripes done, we can cut over to the first encounter, the Beasts of Northrend. Similar to Mimiron from Ulduar, you'll have to fight several bosses with little time for rest before actually beating the encounter. Wipe at any point and you'll have to do everything all over again.

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