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World of Warcraft : The Virtues of the Effective Raider, Part One


         This guide is intended for players who are getting ready to start PvE raiding, or have started and are having a difficult time keeping up. Or even intermediate players who just want to improve their game. Rather than giving specific tips on class play, this guide is applies to all classes and all roles. Much of this is relevant for PvP and soloing as well, but that's not my personal area of expertise.

         Defining Effective Play

         Effective play in a raid is doing whatever is needed to make the raid successful. All three raiding roles have desirable traits players are constantly trying to adopt. For example, these are things like quick reaction speed, strong output, and aggro management. If you try for these traits, and succeed, that's effective. If you try and don't succeed, that's ineffective.

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