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World of Warcraft : The Faction Switch World of Warcraft Correspondent Daniel Growns gives his two cents on the upcoming World of Warcraft factions switching feature.

Only announced recently, Blizzard's move to allow players to change the faction of their character is one of the most talked about topics in the game. The forum post where we heard about it is already 250 pages long. World of Warcraft is a game that has seen many large changes in its most recent patch notes, which some believe to be diluting the game for the masses. In this article I wish to find out the motives for Blizzard deciding that a faction change is in order.

This topic has interested me so much that I was just itching to research it. After a while, I found out that in the past Blizzard had said that faction change was a feature they would not be implementing to the game any time soon. Crygil, one of Blizzard's Blue posters, stated three main points as to why it would not happen soon. These are the following:

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