World of Warcraft : Season Six Recap
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World of Warcraft : Season Six Recap


Starting at the beginning: Season Five has just ended, patch 3.1 has hit the servers, and two classes are going wild. Warlocks have discovered how to two shot players and many quickly proceeded to enjoy themselves in the battlegrounds. Their fun was hot fixed in less than 24 hours. Retribution Paladins also came out of the gates roaring, and were subsequently tied back down with restraints before the week was out, though they continue to try and break free into OP'ness. Most Fury Warriors have already switched to Arms, and most DKs went deeper into Unholy due to the loss of shadowfrost spec. Feral Druids lament their bear form nerfs, and subsequently their survivability; while Disc Priests and Resto Druids looked hopefully in the opposite direction. DPS casters continue to cry about anything that is melee, especially Retribution and the Arms Warrior Juggernaut buff. It is a new season, Ring of Valor arena has been fixed and reopened, all ratings have been reset to 0 for the first time in arena's history, and many players are excited to see what the 3.1 changes bring.

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