World of Warcraft : Rogue Talents, Part One
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World of Warcraft : Rogue Talents, Part One


Rogue talents are divided into three trees: Assassination, Combat, and Subtlety. You don’t get your first talent point until level 10 and once you’re at 80, that’s 71 talent points to spend across the trees. This keeps Rogue builds unique and diverse, though your options could mean becoming a mace, dagger, sword, or fist weapon user. But don’t spend talents for two weapon specialization talents. It’s a waste of talent points.

All talent trees are tiered. To access each, you need to have spent the (tier number x 5) talent points to access that. Tier 4? 20 talent points, at least. And each tree has talents that have prerequisite talents before they become available, denoted by the arrow from the prerequisite talent pointing to the succeeding talent.


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