World of Warcraft : Puggable Enters Open Beta!
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World of Warcraft : Puggable Enters Open Beta!


A new service by Vivox called Puggable has now entered Open Beta. The service is being tested with World of Warcraft, and allows players to put together optimal pick up groups (PUGs) to tackle the game's group content such as raids and instances. The Puggable website does this by assembling character and instance data directly from the game so that players can set up an optimal team. Puggable also allows players to use Vivox voice right from the browser so they can communicate with their team.

So in short, some of the main features of Puggable include:

Search for other players of complementary skills and comparable level

Communicate objectives and become familiar with one another via voice prior to entering the game

Continue communications without switching voice applications into the game

Invite new players along the way

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