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World of Warcraft : Priestly Healing - Addons and Such


MMORPG.com World of Warcraft Correspondent Deborah Dietrich writes this look at the various popular addons for priests in Blizzar'd popular MMO.


There are a number of mods that are currently popular with raid healers. One popular mod is Grid. In a compact area, it shows all members of the raid and their state of being: their health, any debuffs, HOTs, etc. It is very lightweight, so should not cause lag and can be customized with a number of different modules. You click on the name of the person in the grid that you want to heal, debuff, etc. and hit the appropriate key. While initially a bit challenging to configure, this mod is very popular with healers. There are a number of good modifiers for this addon, which make it even more useful. Recommended additions to Grid are: GridIndicatorSideIcons, GridManaBars, GridSideIndicators, GridStatusRaidDebuff and GridStatusPWShield.

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