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World of Warcraft : Possible Future Expansions World of Warcraft Correspondent Daniel Growns writes this look at the possible future of World of Warcraft expansions and offers up a few of his own theories on what aspects of Azeroth lore new expansions might explore.

In the last four years there have been three large content packages in World of Warcraft. These are: the original World of Warcraft that brought us the world of Azeroth on a scale not seen in Blizzard’s games before, the Burning Crusade where we explored Illidan and the world he adopted as his own, and now we are currently fighting against the might of the Scourge and the Lich King. With such a steady stream of expansions out over the time the game has been available it makes you wonder what could be on its way next?

Some believe that Arthas is the death of World of Warcraft as there are no more interesting characters after this expansion has ended. However, I have delved into the story of World of Warcraft, reading the lore and finding out that there is far more available to Blizzard than some believe.

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