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World of Warcraft Patch 3.3 PTR Patch

  Some of the highlights from the patch notes released thus far:The Forge of Souls, the first wing of the 5-player dungeon, is currently available for testing.
  Additional Icecrown Citadel dungeon and raid
content will be made available in future test builds Misdirection: Redesigned.sell WOW Gold

 Instead of having finite charges, it now begins a 4-second timer when the hunter using Misdirection performs a threat-generating attack, during which all threat generated by the hunter goes to the friendly target. In addition, multiple hunters can now misdirect threat to the same friendly targetsimultaneously. Rogue Vanish: For the first second after this ability is used, neither Vanish nor Stealth can be broken by taking damage or being the victim of a hostile spell or ability.

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