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World of Warcraft : Overachievers of Azeroth


With the Echoes of Doom update, Blizzard has introduced an achievement system to World of Warcraft. I have to admit I think it was a brilliant move. In the month leading up to Wrath of the Lich King, this new system has introduced freshness to a game that was starting to feel a bit stale.

            I freely admit, I’m a Girl Scout. I was a scout from Brownies till high school and I always loved earning badges. This new achievement system is just a big badge fest. We don’t get a badge sash, exactly, but we get that nice achievement button on our tool bar. Plus, we can compare our achievements with those of others by right clicking on their name bar and choosing the Compare Achievements link. Pretty cool.

            At present there are 750 different achievements with more to be added in the future. Achievements are worth points based on their difficulty. Checking your Achievements button you can see how many of the different achievements you have completed (150/750 for example) or the total number of achievement points you have garnered. Additionally, many achievements come with a title that can be displayed as part of your character’s name. Some achievements even come with an item like a special pet, a mount or a tabard.

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