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World of Warcraft : No WoW Killer


Wow Kristi, the title of your thread is laughable at best. How can you say such a thing? Simple. Because it is true. It is true so long as game designers miss the very things that made World of Warcraft a success and fail to follow suit. Before you start flaming me and tossing insult bombs my way, please "read" why I think the way I do. Then if what I have said still makes you wish to flog me with a flaming cat-o-nine tails and then laugh as you toss salt onto my wounds - have at it. I can take it.

OK, so why will no new game ever kill World of Warcraft. Well to begin with, you have to look at the one thing that made World of Warcraft such a success to begin with. Blizzard knew their player base. They knew their target audience. They went so far as to even ask players what they would like to see in their game and then to top it off they didn't even have an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) like so many other games. Blizzard was really open and honest about their game. No hush, hush or we're not saying, or we cannot discuss that right now. Nope. Blizzard developers and designers said this is what the game is and this is what you're getting and if we cannot do a particular thing this time we'll try to get it in at a later date. That in itself was awesome and no game company to this date has been so open about their game,

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