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World of Warcraft : Musing on Buying Gold


As well all know, one of the ultimate sins of playing an MMO such as World of Warcraft is buying gold. This article is not meant to be a flame starter, more of an eye opener to see both sides of the story. I realize that people will strongly stand on one side or the other of the issue, but this is meant to be informative about how gold farming works, and how it affects the economy.

Putting aside the fact for a moment that gold farmers regularly hack people's accounts in order to get fast gold, let's look at the gold sellers that get their gold "legitimately" by farming it. Usually, these farmers will be on teams, with each person on a server, being paid to farm as much gold as possible to be sold off later. If they are doing this by farming crafting materials, this can have negative AND positive effects on the economy.

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