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World of Warcraft : Mounting Interest


Wrath of the Lich King is bringing a boon to those who collect mounts. With the expansion, mounts will be stored a new Pet tab on your character and will not take up bag space. Now you have space for an infinite number of mounts and that is a good thing, as there will be an impressive reward for collecting 50 mounts when WotLK goes live, your own albino netherdrake!

But first a little history; mounts did not start out as collectibles. Back in the olden days of original World of Warcraft, one could not achieve a mount till level 40 (now down to 30) and while the gold cost may seem trivial now, I remember working for some time after I hit 40 to try and save enough gold to buy my riding skill and a mount. Once you had your pouch of gold, you went to the mount vendor of your racial faction and purchased the allotted beast from a limited selection of colors. That color choice was your only choice.

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