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World of Warcraft : Looking at Guilds World of Warcraft Correspondent Patrick Breeden writes this look at guilds for the uninitiated WoW player.

Factions and groups have played an important role in the history of the RPG. They've been a very solid factor in this genre of gaming even back in the days of Dungeons & Dragons, and they branched into the world of videos games with titles such as Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire. Now more or less a given in the RPG gaming world, these elements have been taken even further by MMORPGs. They go by many different names throughout the various titles in the MMO world, but this entity is known by World of Warcraft players as the "guild." In this article, I will explain some elements of the guild and why it is so important to WoW players.

As I've mentioned before and countless others will mention in MMORPG-related articles, MMOs are very social-oriented games. The chance to help one another and interact is laid out in front of everyone who enters the realm of World of Warcraft, and players normally find the game far more fulfilling and entertaining when they decide to work and communicate with other players. The option to create groups, or temporary teams, is normally the solution to temporary challenges such as a difficult quest or a dungeon, but the party normally disbands leaving the players doomed to repeat the same task of finding another group later. The ultimate solution to groups and a great way to meet other players that can be befriended is the guild.

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