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World of Warcraft : How to Recruit for Raiding


When The Burning Crusade was released, it had a large impact on raiding guilds. Some guilds remained unchanged, others splintered off and some disbanded completely. While a lot of old players who had quit playing WoW came back once the expansion was released, some quit altogether. So to say that The Burning Crusade shook up the raiding scene is something of an understatement.

While the transition from 40-man raid dungeons to 25-man dungeons was more drastic than the transition will be to WotLK raiding, there will still be enough of a difference to also have an effect on raiding guilds. Old players becoming active again, the option of running the 25-man instances as 10-man instances, the addition of a new class, and the new race to the new level 80 cap will be enough for some guilds to break up and new ones to form. You may find yourself in a situation where you are in charge of recruiting new members when you’ve never had such a responsibility before, so this guide is meant to help you in weeding out the bad recruits from the good ones.

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