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World of Warcraft : Herbs to Gold? Don't Mind if I Do.


MMORPG.com World of Warcraft Correspondent Anna Dietz writes this look at how a few simple herb gathering tricks can earn you big gold in-game.

I am by no means a gold farmer, nor do I endorse them in any way. Personally, I hate gold farmers in every way possible. However, when it comes to making gold for what I want or what I need, I can easily make 600-1,800 gold in an hour. I have frequently made as much as 2,400 gold in one hour. A few factors come into play that I will discuss later on. I decided to write this article after getting tired of the constant gold spammers and friends hitting me up for loans. After a good laugh, I decided to be part of the solution instead of just ignoring the problem. I talked to a few friends and decided to let others in on how easily they too can gather gold instead of buying it or some half-truth e-guide to making gold. Even though this article relates to gathering herbs for profit, anyone can take their profession and make gold with it. In addition, you may ask why herbs and not potions? This is and has always been a WoW phenomenon. Herbs have always sold for more gold than potions.


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