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World of Warcraft : Guide to UI Customization


Today we have a guide on how to make your UI your own from one of our World of Warcraft correspondents.

Being able to customize your user interface is an integral part of any MMORPG and World of Warcraft does not lack this. There are many talented add-on makers who release add-ons that improve their own personal game play and then make it public so the rest of us have a chance of improving ours. Everyone I know who has played Warcraft for at least a few months has a minimum of two add-ons in the game which shows just how important they have become to us all. In this article I look at how over the years players have become more dependent on the use of modifications to improve their game play and make it easier for them to be good at their class, there is no escaping the army of add-ons that await in World of Warcraft.

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