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World of Warcraft : Guide: Trial of the Crusader, Part II


In the second guide, James Wood runs through with a guide to Lord Jaraxxus and the Faction Champions. For part one, click here.

Two Tanks are needed for this fight, one for Jaraxxus and one for the adds that will spawn later. The main tank will kite Jaraxxus clockwise or counter-clockwise around the ring. You’ll get the reason later. The off-tank gets to deal with the Mistresses of Pain and Felflame Infernals.

Healers will need to watch for players who get hit with the Incinerate Flesh debuff. The player who gets it has 12 seconds to receive 30,000 or 60,000 points of healing, depending on the difficulty, to remove the debuff. If they don’t get healed, they explode into a Burning Inferno, dealing raid-wide fire damage every second for five seconds.

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