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World of Warcraft : Getting Gold


A second and also well known way to make gold in World of Warcraft is to play the auction house. Most people know what this is, but may not know how to do it. The basic concept is to buy low, and sell high; how you do this, however, can greatly affect your ability to make a profit. Sure, you are able to do so without any help, but using the Auctioneer add-on makes this much easier. What you will want to do is create an alt and give him some bags and some starting gold. You run an auction house scan a few times a day with auctioneer, and after a few days you should have a good average price on most of the things on your server. You can now look for items that are selling for below the average, buy them all up and relist them at the average price. You can also combine this with enchanting, if you have it leveled. If you know what types of items disenchant into which materials, you can look for items that sell for less than their disenchanted material counterparts, buy the item, disenchant it and relist the materials. Disenchanting materials are always in demands, so you won't have to worry about if they will sell or not.

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