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World of Warcraft : Fiction - The Chronicles of Tinkerspel



Tinkerspell looks over a small valley with wolves and strange humanoid creatures meandering about with interest. A nearby gnome catches her attention, and sure enough there is a quest to dispatch a bunch of these bothersome wolves. However before Tinkerspell can move, a massive Flag drops down in front of her. A fellow Gnome wishes to duel. This warlock is more powerful but still not too far ahead of Tinkerspell in experience. The duel starts seeing the warlock open up by casting corruption following by a shadow bolt just as Tinkerspell’s own fireball launches. She surprises the Warlock, and herself, by delivering a devastating blow. The second fireball sees the Warlock running away. With her own life diminishing from the Warlock’s corruption and Shadow bolts, she chases the Warlock down and beats him into submission with her mace. The humbled Warlock runs off as soon he is able, not even bothering to eat or drink to replenish his life or mana. Tinkerspell has a little ‘flex’ of her muscles at the retreating Warlock who is never to be seen again throughout her adventures.

The early times go so fast, with many basic quests to collect lost items, or to dispatch various nasty critters. Without even noticing, Tinkerspell reaches a crucial early stage of her development. Now is the time to plan a trip to Ironforge to learn her trade skills.


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