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World of Warcraft : Dailies in an Hour Thirty


With the introduction of the Argent Tournament in Patch 3.1, the time needed to finish Northrend-based dailies has been reduced and the potential gold output from completing 25 has risen significantly. And they can all be completed in one hour to one hour and thirty minutes.

The guide has a few requirements: (a) Have your Icecrown dailies unlocked; (b) Be Honored with the Sons of Hodir; (c) Be at least an Aspirant in the Argent Tournament; (d) Use a very fast flying mount and; (e) Have 14 empty bag slots. Anyone who falls under the third requirement will have 4-5 dailies left to do, so another list will be added to the end of the guide to fill that daily quota.

Each of the quests mentioned in the guide's steps rewards a minimum of 13 gold and 23 silver, can be done very quickly, does not require professions and minimizes your exposure to gankers.

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