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World of Warcraft : A Look at the Eye of the Storm


Eye of the Storm(EotS) is the latest battleground to hit live servers (though the term "latest" is a bit relative, as it came out over a year ago). Heralded as the Outland battleground, the fight does in fact take place on a chunk of floating rock in outer space. If you fall off, you just keep falling. Sadly, EotS leaves the impression that it takes what was kind of fun and turns it into something that isn't very much fun at all. The general atmosphere of the battleground is depressing as well. Lots and lots of purple rock.


Looking at: Eye of the Storm


The best way to describe this battleground is to say it combines the nodes of Arathi Basin with the flag capturing of Warsong Gulch. Each team starts out in a bubble that is on top of a floating rock perched above the rest of the floating battleground. Once the match starts, both teams flood off of their rocks and onto a larger chunk of floating rock. There are effectively two sides to the battleground, two strips of land with three connection points between them. Each side has two towers on it. In the center of the battleground, on the middle connection point, is a capturable flag. The objective of the game is identical to Arathi Basin; you want to be the first team to 2000 points. The methods are very similar as well: Each node grants a certain number of points the longer you control it. The flag also plays a part though, each time your team captures the flag you gain a small amount of additional points based on the number of towers that you currently have control of. The more towers you control, the more the flag is worth.

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