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World of Warcraft : 3.2 PTR Patch Notes Available


The first iteration of patch notes for version 3.2 of World of Warcraft are now available. These notes are for the upcoming update to the PTR, and will likely see some revisions before 3.2 goes live.

Some stand outs from the notes:

Consolidation of the emblem system: All dungeons that dropped Emblems of Heroism or Valor will now only drop Emblems of Conquest. Conquest emblems can be converted into Emblems of Heroism or Valor.

Season Gear changes: 2v2 ratings are no longer applicable for new season gear. 3v3 and 5v5 ratings are the only applicable ratings for the new season gear.

Battleground XP: Battlegrounds now offer XP, though the XP can be disabled. Twinks rejoice!

Isle of Conquest: A new 40v40 battleground featuring keeps and capture points.

Mount Changes: Mounts are now available earlier throughout the progression, and cost less to acquire.

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