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WoW Toughness Changes the Status of Thieves Are More Dangerous


S7 is over, hovering in the 2400-2500 sub-field of nearly 200, the thief Nomaki Tour final tragedy, and then play a few patients, animal husbandry bureau thief, but found that unless your warlock teammate as elegant as Uckington if it does not any improvement of WoW. X a thief of any team in the face of grazing animals and hunting knives, or anti-war when the Raiders are so poor, do not play only a handful of magic kitchen knife, the elite legal systems can lead a thief in BG9 get the title.

Unfortunately, this survival of the most direct consequences of the improvement will emerge is a large number of two-treatment team. If you do not have any good way to get rid of a decadent comfort equipment pastor, then he would like to run out of the blue it is too difficult. In addition, the soldier's injury is much exaggerated, and you limit his output is the only way to suppress him. However, with the effect of enhancing toughness, trying to pressure soldiers into defensive posture even harder, and thieves run out of all this crackling vocational skills level sell World Of Warcraft Gold in the future or will soon die. As a result, the gap between soldiers and thieves even greater. Even if Envenom increased, the damage is still very dependent on the output of thieves pure physical damage. Soldiers pile the words of hurt Sunder more natural high, pure warrior PVP equipment can easily stack to 350 Sunder; a full PVE can install anti-war 700 Sunder. Both of which damage a thief than the viability and strong mobility.


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