WoW TCG Black Temple Raid Deck Out Now
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WoW TCG Black Temple Raid Deck Out Now


Illidan and his corrupted followers lie in wait within the dark depths of the Black Temple -- and now World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG) players are able to venture into the Betrayer’s stronghold themselves. The new Black Temple Raid Deck builds on the Traitor feature introduced in the Servants of the Betrayer TCG expansion with potent new abilities and allies, while the fixed 12-card treasure pack ensures that everyone will get their hands on some powerful loot -- including Illidan’s legendary twin Warglaives of Azzinoth. Plus, for the first time ever, certain Raid Deck cards are playable in constructed decks. Head over to to pick up the Black Temple Raid Deck or find out more about the best-selling TCG.

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