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WoW Priest in the Camp


All of the above tasks to complete DEHTA get DEHTA success of small PITA. Follow DEHTA concept, complete all the tasks can be completed, including the assassination. Note: The other players can kill you on the ground to get quest items to sell World Of Warcraft Gold. Rhino king Nied den caretaker Kiplinger wants you to kill the rhino king of Abu Nidal and his companions lunchbox, back after the completion of northerly tundra DEHTA return to him in camp.

 As happy with the clamshell northerly tundra level, DEHTA in the camp priest Sainiu Si wants you to kill 10 crazy divers swept Po. Realm found abandoned the territory of the priest Sainiu Si. Under our guard, not even think that northerly tundra, abandoned the territory of the priest Lian Zhuo want you to get 12 boxes of animal limbs.

Master kill bad clam Master Kai and return to the camp in WoW search DEHTA Priest Sainiu Si. Big Lie Si assassination wants you to kill. This guy 50007 blood, be the first login to the North Pole a monster of a challenge, and recommendations to team up to do. Note: Some career can be singled out, remember to use the fighting to the Cenarion NPC horn, there will be long-haired like to help, click on the down half of the blood.


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