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Today we introduce an alternative Survival WoW hunter talent plus point, focused and dot and magic harm the two concepts. First, the fire department does not value talent Sunder, pve output Sunder has been borne by the soldiers, so all physical attacks and the boss will not lead to a resulting thickness of the low dps. But out of a copy of the face thickness of a career, often shooting talent will not match. Survival talent there is no problem. Survival talent out of 51 points out the fire explosion, the damage is not physical harm, but flame harm. Although the damage value is calculated based on individual strong attack, but the damage does not have any relationship with the armor, but related to each other's magic resistance.

In other words, an explosion shot, ignoring the other's armor, the damage is magic damage. Another 36 point survival talent out of skills level sell World Of Warcraft Gold, plus TNT and Trap Mastery and resourceful to maximize the black arrow injuries and reduce the time to 6 seconds CD. Black Arrow Shadow damage caused by injuries, ignoring armor. Another obscure magic damage is Serpent Sting, causing Nature damage with the glyph, can be accumulated within 21 seconds of natural causes 1600 + damage. Hunter survival Dot flow essentially relies on the skills of these three major injuries. Because the explosion shooting, Black Arrow, Serpent Sting is in a certain period of time have a magic damage, so called dot stream.

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