WoW Holds the Majority of MMORPG Market
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WoW Holds the Majority of MMORPG Market

Unconfirmed reports also stated that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also play and that they have multiple WoW accounts. Comedian Dave Chappelle also admitted that he plays WoW. Stephen Colbert is also reported to have a WoW account with an Orc character. Jessica Simpson, Topher Grace, Tom Welling, Yao Ming, Ben Affleck, Terry Gene Bollea (Hulk Hogan), Curt Schilling, and sell WOW Gold Cameron Diaz were all reported to have wow account and are actively playing WoW or have played WoW before.
  World of Warcraft (WoW) currently holds the majority of MMORPG market. To estimate the hugeness of the game; there are roughly 11,000,000 characters in the world shelved under wow account which may contain up to 10, which may compose of 54% in the Alliance and 46% in Horde. Humans topped the race count in Alliance, sharing 18% of the total population of the Guild, while Blood elves dominate the Horde.
  These people maybe humongous in their businesses, but in the World of Warcraft, it only shows that all are of equal status, as long as they do not reveal who they really are in the real world. The next time you open your wow account and play your character, do not be surprised if you somehow bump into Oprah or George W. Bush. Warcraft is here to stay, and it is a huge magnet for people.Maybe most of wow game player all is crazy about how to get a good wow account. I will share my all wow account with you. Hope you get your own cheap wow account and never be banned. The most important thing is that it is really legal and of course reliable.

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