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WoW Herirlooms and the Way to Ruin the Lore

  Heirlooms Not Boosting Experience Gains In Battlegrounds
The heirloom items currently do not provide an experience bonus in Battlegrounds. This has been reported by game developers to quality assurance team as unintended. A resolution is in the process of being tested.
  It has been informed that the fix should be sell World Of Warcraft Gold applied with patch 3.2.2.
  Way to Ruin the Lore
  Most of WoW players don't give a rats butt about the Lore of t his series, but some of us do. The fact that bliz is distryoing the lore because you jerks keep crying about wanting crap like little kids to their mommys while shopping, but the fact that blizz doesnt have the balls to tell you to shut up and gives in to your crying to give you something that doesn’t fit.


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