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WoW Guide: Race Information


In WoW, The race of your character is primarily determined by aesthetics and not stats. At the highest levels the differences between the races is primarily determined by racial abilities. Some racial abilities are more useful to a hunter than others, but even then it is hardly game breaking. Following there are information for Dwarf, have a look and try to chose the one you think would be the most interesting to play.


1) Stoneform: Grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects while active. Also increases armor by 10% lasts for 8 seconds with a three minute cool down.

This is great for removing debuffs, especially disease which can last a long time. The extra armor isn't very useful though since you should ideally never be physically hit. Here sell WOW Gold which can help you playing this game.

2) Gun Specialization: Increases your chance to critically strike with a gun by 1%.

This is a nice hunter buff, but only if you are using a gun and not a bow or crossbow. Don't let this racial trait influence your decisions when upgrading your ranged weapon, but it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye out for guns whenever possible.

2) Frost Resistance: Gives you +10 to frost resistance.

By itself this is not enough to save you, but each of the races gets a resist bonus and frost is better then nothing. Especially since there are fewer pieces of gear with frost resist compared to other resists like fire and nature. We sell World Of Warcraft Gold.

3) Find Treasure

This is pretty nice, especially when farming instances and dungeons. But if you take up a gathering skill like mining or have a hunter tracking ability active you won't be able to use it since you'll want to track minerals or mobs

Overall a dwarf hunter benefits from all of their racial traits. They are the most well rounded of the alliance races and probably come in as the second best for an alliance hunter.

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